SCPI was started in 2003 and has a history of long-term relationships with our sponsors and customers, who we team with repeatedly to create sustainable results.

Our practices are diverse yet revolve around the best planning practices to maximize profitability, utilization and service. We see planning as the root of execution. Great planning processes drive great results!

SCPI is comprised of leaders with a true ‘partner’ mindset; we seek to provide a winning situations for all parties involved.

    • Ty Getz leads our lean operations practice. He provides executive coaching to make sure that our customers have a “sound” supply chain strategy. Once the strategy is set, he leads them from push to pull planning to reduce customer lead times and inventory at all levels while increasing or maintaining current service levels.
    • Steve Spratt leads our planning and optimization practice. Over the years he has lead numerous efforts in the areas of SIOP, network design, and inventory optimization in a variety of industries including consumer goods, paper, and industrial components. He has presented at conferences and authored articles on the topics of supply chain planning and simulation and served as subject matter expert for APQC’s inventory optimization benchmarking consortium study.
    • Kevin Vahey leads our direct store delivery practice, along with our Sales & Operations Planning process work. Much of what we’re doing with our DSD solutions, like activity based costing and cost-to-serve, has been successfully applied in the broader supply chain for many years but it’s benefits have not been applied in the DSD markets. And with experience as an S&OP practicioner, Kevin has the hands-on background to help our customers design and implement an effective Executive S&OP process for their business.

One commitment we can make, is that once you hire us we’re “all in”, with your satisfaction and results as our focus.