Typical Route Rule

Typical Rule: Route by Level Stops

Rule Breaker Scenarios

Rule Breaker In Action

Things have changed a lot over the years for wholesale businesses using DSD delivery. SKU and brand expansion has helped to add cases to each stop. Customers have challenged us with less cooler, shelf and back stock space, tighter time windows, more delays, and higher merchandising expectations. And we’ve gained some cost advantages using handhelds, warehouse and delivery equipment, and routing and tracking tools.

Yet, we observe many wholesalers living by old rules of thumb regarding routes, stem time, and rigidly serving different customer types.

How much are your sales and delivery ‘rules’ costing you?

We work with your team to identify and lock in routes that increase utilization without reducing stops!

In this process we don’t have to trade off one cost for another but identify ways to simultaneously improve utilization of sales, delivery and pick costs. And we leave you with a better route planning process that can serve as the core savings tool each time you add brands or volume, or decide to change operating rules.

The ‘Rule Breaker’ process is effective for two reasons:

  • We challenge your operating rules with a in-depth knowledge of sales, delivery, warehousing, and financials analysis
  • We couple it with your route planning tool to validate rule changes while honoring customer time windows