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SCOR Metrics

SCOR has identified over 200 key performance metrics to monitor overall supply chain performance (level 1 metrics), as well as very focused metrics to help a specific process to improve (level 2 and 3 metrics). This metrics are used to build performance trends for areas under improvement, or to compare against industry best practice performance.

 Top Level Performance Attributes and Associated Level 1 metrics


Performance Attribute Definition

Level 1 Metric

Supply Chain Reliability

The performance of the supply chain in delivering: the correct product, to the correct place and customer, at the correct time, in the correct condition and packaging, and with the correct quantity and documentation

Delivery Performance

Fill Rates

Perfect Order Fulfillment

Supply Chain Responsiveness

The velocity at which a supply chain provides products to the customer.

Order Fulfillment Lead Times

Supply Chain Flexibility

The agility of a supply chain in responding to marketplace changes to gain or maintain competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Response Time

Production Flexibility

Supply Chain Costs

The costs associated with operating the supply chain.

Cost of Goods Sold

Total Supply Chain Management Costs

Value-Added Productivity

Warranty / Returns Processing Costs

Supply Chain Asset Management Efficiency

The effectiveness of an organization in managing assets to support demand satisfaction. This includes the management of all assets: fixed and working capital.  

Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time

Inventory Days of Supply

Asset Turn

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